Brand Safety

In the “Brand Safety” section, you can access and use the following key features:

1. Create, browse & edit Brand Safety Groups
2. Create, configure & edit Brand Safety Tags in a Group, switch them on/off
3. Assign, browse and edit Assigned Supply*, switch it on/off.

*For more details on how to assign a created Brand Safety Tag to a particular ad placement, please refer to Ad Placement Configuration Reference.

Let’s dive in into each in more details.

Create a New Brand Safety Tag

To create a new Brand Safety Tag:

1. Select a Brand Safety group from the list on the left.
2. Click a blue “+” button.
3. Configure Brand Safety Tag settings (see Brand Safety Configuration Reference below).
4. Finish adding the Tag by clicking “Create.”

Brand Safety Configuration Reference


Parameter Description Value
Name Brand Safety Tag name. string
Tag JS script tag that configures the Brand Safety Tag type and specific performance, if any. string (Javascript)
Check traffic volume Configures the default share of video ad impressions (in %), selected for the Brand Safety Tag (viewability tracking, fraud check, etc.).

Add manually or leave blank to apply the default value of 100%.

Check until time Configures the default end date and time* for the Brand Safety Tag (viewability tracking, fraud check, etc.).

*The operating time is UTC (cannot be changed).

Add manually, or leave blank to apply the Brand Safety Tag infinitely, by default.

yy-mm-dd hh:mm